Why is My Heat Pump Not Cooling?

Why is My Heat Pump Not Cooling?

If your home in Chandler, Arizona is getting hotter and hotter on a summer’s day and the heat pump is turned on, you have a problem. But what can you do when your cooling system is not working properly. Here are some common issues that can cause your system to stop cooling. This information can help you decide if you need to contact your local heat pump service or not.

1. Thermostat
It’s possible that someone may have changed the settings. If you have an electronic thermostat, you may need to change batteries. If there are no problems with the thermostat, go to the next step.

2. Circuit Breaker Box
Check the breaker for your air conditioning circuit. It should be a double breaker and make sure it’s not tripped. To reset your breaker, turn it all the off and then back on again. If it’s not the breaker, the problem could be the filter.

3. Air Filter
Changing the air filter is one of the most important maintenance tasks. The filter keeps dirt and particles from entering your air system, and if it gets too dirty, it will clog and can greatly restrict the air flow. If this is not the problem, you’ll need to go outdoors.

4. Condenser Coils
Check to see if the condenser coils are dirty. Dirty coils prevent the cooling system from exhausting heat and heat will build up, and your heat pump will stop cooling. Clean the coils with mild soapy water and brush with soft bristles.

5. Call Your Heat Pump Service
Your heating and cooling professionals in Chandler will come to your home and check out your heat pump. The best companies offer 24/7 service without overtime charges. Tell your technician everything you checked, and this will help him troubleshoot the problem. In most cases, you should be up and run soon.

When you need heat pump service in Chandler, Worlock Heating & Air Conditioning Service, answers the phone, day and night. We offer after-hours emergency services with no added charges, and you can visit our home on the Web now at https://www.worlockheatandacphoenix.com/ for more information.

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