3 Facts about Real Estate Houston

3 Facts about Real Estate Houston

Houston, Texas is a scenic city to live, work and visit. Through the ages, Real Estate in Houston has experienced distinct difference designs in its architecture. The City has buildings of varying sizes boasting of iconic and magnificent skyscrapers, institution building, residential homes, museums, and stadia. Facts about real estate in Houston are numerous.

European Influenced settler homes

The landscape in Houston, Texas is diverse. Early settlers from Europe settled on vast tracts of land. Due to the common ties, the settlers had with their motherland, the oldest homes in Houston had heavy influence from the old country. The houses were comfortable for the settlers to live like English royalty. The settlers used slaves to build the magnificent house and plow their fields.


Skyscrapers dot the beautiful Houston horizon. These tall buildings house institutions, hotels, banks, flats, and office space for various organizations. The first high-rise building to grace the horizon and bring a new age of real estate in Houston was the Texas Commerce Tower, later renamed to JPMorgan Chase Tower. Finished in the year 1971the tower boasts of being fifty stories high.

Modern Architecture

Real estate in Houston has seen a major growth in homes, houses, and building incorporating new and contemporary designs. The architecture is modern, and the significant houses are worth taking a tour. The contemporary architect designs in Houston dates back to the 1940s.

Compared to places all across the United States of America, Houston, Texas has the most affordable residential housing in the market. This comparison was made in ten of the most populated cities in the U.S.A. This fact has allowed for more people to settle for real estate in Houston, which had a surge in the population as per the census estimate of 2014. A lower cost of living compared to other cities in the USA has contributed to diversity in real estate designs in Houston Texas.

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