3 Holistic Medical Treatments for Pets

3 Holistic Medical Treatments for Pets

Taking your pet to the animal hospital can be stressful experience, because if you are taking your pet to the hospital, it is probably something serious. The good news is that not all animal hospitals deal with emergencies. Some Animal Hospital Gaithersburg provide holistic treatments that keep your pet in good health and comfortable.

Here are three holistic medical treatments for pets an animal hospital might provide.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment involves the readjustment of the joints. For animals, the joints become an issue as they age. Dogs, for example, experience joint issues, and many, develop arthritis. Common signs your pet could benefit from chiropractic treatment includes soreness, preventive care and age. This therapy delivers relief to animals the same way it delivers relief to humans. After an adjustment, joints and posture are recalibrated. This helps bring about comfort and prevents potential future issues of the spine and other areas.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has been approved for animals. The goal is to stimulate cell regeneration as well as improve blood circulation. A non-invasive treatment, the lasers also helps release of endorphins and neuro hormones. This release relaxes the pet so that sprains, strains and arthritis can be treated. The lasers can also be used to treat Intervertebral Disc Disease, Spondylosis and hip dysplasia.

Stem Cell Therapy

The medical field continues to research. Through its research, it continues to find non-invasive therapy as well as regenerative medicine treatments. Stem cell therapy for animals can be used to alleviate degenerative osteoarthritis of any joint, elbow dysplasia and OCD. Stem cell therapy can also be performed on a torn ACL, meniscal injury as well as fractures.

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