The 3 Main Benefits of Hand Dryers

The 3 Main Benefits of Hand Dryers

Bathroom hand dryers are found in a lot of locations now. They are popular at busy sporting events and movie theaters, at workplaces small and large, and in public buildings throughout the land. They are versatile and compact and reliable, as they hardly ever seem to breakdown. They are fast, too, drying hands in a matter of seconds. While they have many positive aspects, the three main benefits of hand dryers are cleanliness, energy efficiency and convenience.

1. Cleanliness

Not any people would argue that hand dryers do a good job of keeping hands clean. After washing, all that is needed is to walk over to the dryer, hit the button and put one’s hands under the warm air flow. When finished there is no need to touch anything else. The newest bathroom hand dryers come equipped with special filtration technology that reduces any contaminants from getting into the air stream. Also, antimicrobial technology keeps mold and bacteria from spreading both inside and outside the unit.

2. Energy Efficiency

By eliminating the need for reams and reams of paper hand towels, as well as the need to dispose of this mess, electric hand dryers are true champions of a clean environment. Even power usage is reduced through the use of sensors, adjustable speed fans, and technology improvements. When the dryers are not being used, small sensors wait for the next person, hardly using any energy at all. The units do not use any chemicals, further contributing to a cleaner Earth.

3. Convenience

There are few things in life more convenient than a hand dryer. In fact, most people use them without even thinking about them, often while carrying on a conversation. They are quick and easy to use. Of all the features of bathroom hand dryers, this might be the biggest one. They always seem to be there, ready for the next person. Visit for more information.

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