3 Tips for Avoiding Dishonest Roof Repair Companies in Centennial, CO

3 Tips for Avoiding Dishonest Roof Repair Companies in Centennial, CO

A home’s roof is one of its most important parts. It keeps the elements out while protecting the contents within. When the roof needs repair, the homeowner should seek help from A & H Roofing LLC right away. However, the desire for quick repairs and most homeowners’ lack of experience in working with contractors can leave the customer vulnerable to fraud. Unethical contractors are becoming increasingly bold, but the tips below can help homeowners protect themselves from fraudulent Roof Repair Companies Centennial CO.

Watch Out for Storm Chasers

Out of all known roofing cons, the “storm chaser” is one of the most common and highly publicized. These gypsy-like contractors travel countrywide during storm season, looking for ways to exploit homeowners. Such contractors know how insurers operate, and they can quickly determine the cost of a cheap roof. Homeowners are swindled and, in many cases, they are unable to pursue the roofer for damages. Avoid storm chasers by researching each company and asking for proof of license and insurance before hiring.

High-Pressure Sales Tactics

One common fraud involves Roof Repair Companies Centennial CO who arrive unannounced in areas where roofing work is taking place. By promising special pricing, contractors pressure homeowners to sign a contract immediately. If the customer is reluctant to do so, the contractor will make misleading statements to try to convince them to sign. Avoid these tactics by not putting a down payment on a project before materials are delivered and by carefully reading the contract before signing.

Unsolicited Salesmen

Another common fraud occurs when salesmen show up unannounced and make promises of free installation and other services. These salesmen are trained to sell, and they often target areas with a high number of seniors. To avoid fraud, ask for the salesperson’s credentials and verify them with the company. Above, do not sign a contract until the insurer inspects the roof.

There are many roofing frauds out there, but there are ways to avoid them. According to the BBB, a homeowner should never submit a down payment until the roofing supplies are delivered. By avoiding companies that won’t start a project or take delivery of materials with no down payment, the homeowner can reduce the chances of fraud. Visit website for more details.

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