4 Signs You’re Dealing with Dodgy Movers

When you’re changing addresses, the last thing you want to see is any of your furniture showing some damage or wear from being transported to your new home. That’s why picking an interstate moving company in Santa Monica isn’t a decision you’ll want to take lightly. Here are signs you’re dealing with a dodgy one:

They only take cash

Reputable businesses typically offer different payment options. They put the needs of their clients in mind and know that cash isn’t always convenient. But if the moving company wants you to pay cash for everything, that could be a sign that the company isn’t legit, says The Spruce.

There’s no name on the truck

Branding is essential to a business. Moving firms understand that and so they take great pains to ensure their brand is visible on their moving trucks. If the truck that’s picking up your furniture and belongings don’t have any such markings, which could mean you’re dealing with sketchy movers. To eliminate dodgy ones right from the get-go, always ask an interstate moving company in Santa Monica for proof of their license and insurance.

They ask for money up front

If the moving company asks you to pay for the service up front, before they’ve even made the delivery, be on your guard. That could be another sign that you’re dealing with a moving crew that’s only out to get as much money out of you before they run off with your belongings. With plenty of horror stories out there involving moving companies, it’s wise to always be on your guard.

They want you to sign the contract right away

Reputable ones will wait until you read through everything. They’ll provide you with answers and clarifications for terms and conditions you don’t understand. If that’s not the case, look elsewhere for help.

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