4 Things to Look for When Evaluating Storage Units in York PA

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Storage

When a person needs a place to put their possessions, it can be difficult to choose the right storage units in York, PA. After all, most people want a facility that will care for their belongings as well as they would. The experts say that in addition to considering a unit’s price and size, customers should look for the following attributes in a storage facility.

Customer Service

The first time a potential customer contacts a storage facility, they will get an idea of how the company handles customer service. Good managers should greet customers in a professional, friendly manner, and they should answer questions honestly and thoroughly. If a representative fails to offer straight answers, or if the office is disorganized, the customer should go elsewhere.

Hands-On Managers

As mentioned above, managers should interact with customers and work to solve problems. Ideally, the manager should live onsite or close by. The manager should give tenants their phone number in case of lockout or other emergency. While skilled managers prevent many problems, things sometimes go wrong, and the staff should work to resolve issues.


The condition of the storage facility’s office should tell the customer much about overall cleanliness. The office and restrooms should be clean, and staff should be neatly dressed and well-groomed. A clean office and professional staff shows that the facility is properly maintained, and it can tell tenants that their belongings are in good hands.

No Pests

The best self-storage facilities will work with a local pest control company. It is very important to prevent pest infestations, because bugs and rodents can do a significant amount of damage to tenants’ possessions. For instance, roaches can invade household items, and moths can ruin textiles and upholstery. Facilities should take a proactive approach to seasonal pest management, and customers should ask about a potential facility’s pest management program before making a decision.

All storage units in York, PA are not created equal, and a person’s choice usually depends on their needs. For instance, if the customer is storing belonging they’re not sure they want to keep, price may be a primary consideration. Those who work odd hours may need 24-hour access. By considering the areas listed above, tenants can find a facility like A Better Rate Storage that meets their needs.

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