5 Reasons to Try Cross Country Skiing

5 Reasons to Try Cross Country Skiing

Are you thinking about taking a winter vacation? Want to go somewhere there are mountains and beautiful white snow? Many vacationers are choosing the adventures in Rocky Mountain National Park, such as cross country skiing, as one of the more popular winter activities. Here are 5 good reasons why skiing in the great outdoors is not only fun but beneficial too.

1. Work Your Entire Body

When you are Nordic skiing you get great exercise for your arms and legs. In fact, it takes a complete body effort to ski outdoors.

2. Cardio Workout

Would you like the perfect cardio workout? Why not grab a pair of skis and take to the slopes? You may like it so much that you want to do it all the time. If so, you can invest in Nordic exercise equipment and ski all year long.

3. Fresh Air and Sunshine

Did you know more people come down with colds and flu in winter because they are indoors breathing the same air over and over with others? In the winter months it can be hard to get enough sunlight and fresh air. When you are outdoors cross country skiing, the air not only smells better, but is healthier for you too.

4. Burn up Calories

Many people get frustrated because they take a vacation and end up gaining weight. And this weight can be very hard to lose and keep off. Nordic exercise is one of the best ways to burn calories because your whole body is working. You can eat that dessert or extra helping without feel guilty about it!

5. Stress Buster

Cross country skiing is a great way to lower stress levels. Plus, you’ll feel a sudden “rush” of endorphins. This not only makes you feel better, it enhances your entire vacation.

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