5 Things to Consider About a Central Air Conditioner in Sparks

A home’s central air conditioning unit keeps it comfortable and cool during the summer, but its technology is largely taken for granted. However, even basic knowledge can help the homeowner troubleshoot a problem. Below are five points homeowners should consider about their home’s HVAC unit.

How it Works

In what’s known as a split system, a refrigerant is pumped between an inside and an outside unit. In the part that’s inside the home, called an evaporator, refrigerant takes heat from the indoor air, cooling and dehumidifying it. The refrigerant, now at its boiling point, is pumped back outside, where it returns to its liquid state. Heat is dispersed into the air outside, and the process repeats.

The Importance of Air Filters

As is true with any forced air system, the air filtration process is important in a central Air Conditioner in Sparks. Proper filtration removes particles from the air before it’s drawn into the interior unit, protecting sensitive components from damage and ensuring that the air is clean before it’s circulated into the home.

Routine Maintenance: It’s Critical

A scheduled tune-up by a licensed, certified AC technician can ensure the continued safe and efficient operation of a home’s HVAC system, and it can catch a small problem before it gets out of hand. Homeowners should also take steps to maintain their air conditioners, such as replacing air filters and cleaning on a regular basis.

Make the Job Easier for the AC Unit

Homeowners can make the AC unit’s job easier by reducing the home’s cooling load. This can be done by sealing air leaks in the home’s exterior, installing weather stripping around doors and windows, upgrading attic insulation, and sealing leaky ductwork.

Consider Ventilation

A home should exchange indoor and outdoor air several times per day, through active and passive ventilation. Consult a local HVAC repair company for tips on adequate ventilation or to schedule an annual service call.

The goal of a local AC service provider is to help customers while educating them on home comfort and energy issues relevant to HVAC systems. By calling Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling for regular maintenance or at the first sign of trouble, a homeowner can get many years of safe, efficient operation from a home’s central air conditioner in Sparks.

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