5 Wedding hair and Makeup Mistakes You Can Avoid For The Big Day!

Every woman deserves to look her best when she ties the knot with her man. Since you only have one shot at it – you need to learn from other people’s experiences, to have the best wedding hair and makeup in New York EVER!

1. Just letting your hair go.

Before the big day or not, this is one mistake a lot of women do. Just because you’re going to get your hair done by a very expensive stylist isn’t a reason why you should stop taking care of your hair. When the split ends start and left to take reign for a while. They can be hard to control right before the big day and not let you have the hair you want.

2. Testing new wedding hairstyles and makeup.

Will you have a reaction to that new brand or what if the stylist mixed the dye wrong? These are things you need to know before the big day. If you’re looking to make a drastic change to your hairstyle, try it 4-6 months before. With the shoulders showing you may want to look at applying a bronzing powder. That way your skin will have a warming even glow to it.

3. Is your makeup waterproof?

Obviously there will be some tears flowing that day. Protect yourself and your dress with makeup that won’t run and stain. A charcoal or navy tone can make your eyes, oh so gorgeous for the photo’s. Just think of how you will look going down the aisle, every detail matters.

4. Ease up on the products and heat before the big day.

With all the events and photos you have to look beautiful for, it can be easy to over-do it on the irons, serums and sprays. During the shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner just keep it simple. People will remember you more on your wedding day than any other. This is where 90% of all the photos will be taken anyways. If you over-do-it before you say I do then your hair may not be as easy to style and probably won’t look it’s best when you walk down the aisle.

5. Waiting until right before the big day to use that new hairstylist?

How do you know if you will like the new stylist or how reliable their work is? Better be safe than sorry and just try them out a month before the big day. If something goes wrong, don’t fret, you have 30 days to find a new stylist. With that much time you can find the perfect one for you.

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