6 Signs That It’s Time for Residential Glass Repair Services in Reno NV

Most homeowners aren’t well-versed in glass repair, and many believe that their windows are fine unless the glass is scratched, chipped or cracked. However, older glass may not be as effective as some modern options, and it can be costly. Homeowners should look for the following signs that it’s time for Glass Repair Services in Reno NV.

Sudden Increases in Energy Bills

Whether it’s the heating or the cooling season, bad windows can be a primary cause of home energy inefficiency. While an increasing utility bill can be due to multiple factors, windows are the best place to start. If the windows are drafty or they get excessively hot or cold, it’s likely that insulated glass would be a better option.
Condensation Becomes a Problem

During the coldest days of the year, condensation may form on windows as cold and warm air meet. Although such problems are sometimes due to inadequate ventilation, they may also happen because of a need for glass Repair.

Window Cleaning is Difficult

If it’s hard to clean the windows at the top of the house, the owner may benefit from modern Glass Repair in Reno NV. Some types of home windows tilt inward, which makes them much easier to clean and maintain.

The Furniture is Losing its Color

Continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause wood flooring, rugs and furniture to fade. While it’s possible to block much of the sun’s rays with curtains, new kinds of windows can block UV light from coming into the home and fading the owner’s belongings.

It’s Too Noisy

If certain rooms seem to be louder than others, air could be coming in and bringing outside noises with it. A new, properly sealed window can prevent these problems and provide a quieter home.

If a local homeowner believes they can benefit from new window glass, they can call the pros at Capital Glass Inc. The company offers a wide selection of residential glass repair and replacement services in the Reno area, and they will work with customers to ensure that the home’s windows are durable, stylish and energy efficient. Call or click today to request a quote or schedule service.

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