A Brief Overview Of Social Security Disability Insurance

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Attorney

In the United States the federal government is responsible for administering a program which is designed to help those who are physically or mentally disabled and as a result are unable to work.

Basically this program expects that the applicant has worked for a number of years and during this time contributed via Social Security taxes known as FICA. For those that can fulfill this demand they are eligible to claim disability benefits. Those that have limited income and meager resources and cannot meet the demands of SSDI are not left out; for these people there is a program called Supplemental Security Income.

It is not good enough to have only worked a certain number of years; you must also have a disability which can be found in the Social Security “Blue Book.” As the definition of what constitutes a specific disability is often limited, applicants are well advised to hire a Social Security lawyer in Marryville to guide them and help them understand the system.

What constitutes a disability?

To be eligible for benefits in the eyes of the Social Security Administration you must meet their criteria of what constitutes a given disability, their definition is often more limited than what you might expect. To receive benefits you must meet several requirements:

   * You must be totally disabled
   * You cannot perform any gainful activity
   * You can no longer perform the work you did in the past
   * You cannot perform other types of work
   * Your disability is expected to last at least one full year

If your specific condition is considered severe (one which makes it impossible for you to work) you will be considered disabled, if your disability is not included in the Social Security list of impairments you will have to hire a Social Security lawyer in Marryville and convince the SSA that your condition is equally as severe and debilitating as any on their list.

Work Credits:

As well as having a defined disability you must also have accumulated enough work credits to qualify for benefits. For every year you work and pay taxes you get work credits, the number of credits you need in the event you become disabled all depends on how old you are when you became disabled. The number entails a rather complex formula; your Social Security lawyer in Maryville will be able to make this calculation for you.

It is not a given that you will be approved for Social Security disability benefits, there are numerous bench marks that you must meet. You are well advised to hire a Social Security lawyer in Marryville to help you with the application and through the appeals process. You are invited to contact the Law office of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C.

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