A New Custom Bike Initiative from Harley Davison in Westmoreland County

A New Custom Bike Initiative from Harley Davison in Westmoreland County

For over a hundred years, Harley-Davidson has been turning out motorcycles that owners fall in love with. In many cases, that means keeping a bike in factory pristine condition for years to come, cleaning it and maintaining it with an eye toward preserving its original state.

In many others, though, Harley-Davidson’s beloved bikes have been used as platforms for further customization. With the basics covered in such a satisfying way, locals who love Harley Davison in Westmoreland County have long modified their motorcycles with the addition of special handlebars, louder exhaust systems, and even more extensive and creative work.

That fact has been known for many years to the engineers and designers who dream up the company’s newest bikes. Until recently, though, they have seen it as something entirely out of their control, only seeking here and there to ensure that their own efforts would not interfere with the creative plans that buyers so often have for the company’s motorcycles.

That is no longer the extent of the support that Harley-Davidson provides, though. In recent years, it has rolled out a brand-new program known as “HD-1,” whereby anyone who wants a new Harley-Davison in Westmoreland County can design the machine right down to the finest details.

A stop by a local shop like Z&M Cycle Sales will prove just how easy it is to take advantage of this option. Buyers are able to select from a number of basic frames and engine configurations, thereafter finishing them up with any kinds of parts and accessories they might most appreciate. Instead of needing to buy a stock Harley-Davidson and then work on it at home or have a local garage handle the desired modifications, today’s buyers can instead have the factory itself take care of all of this customization.

What was originally launched as a limited pilot proven has proven to be so popular that it is now available to everyone who wants to own a Harley, much to the delight of many people throughout the area. While there are still those who prefer to roll home on a stock Harley to be modified later, there is no doubt that the HD-1 program will remain popular for as long as it sticks around.

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