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by | Jan 29, 2016 | Accounting

Business owners face difficult decisions during the startup phase. Expenses can easily turn into losses if they are not entered into the correct space on business tax forms. If a business owner decides to check out this site and hire Accountants in Brooklyn, the process of data entry and tax deductions is greatly simplified.

Understanding the Tax Code

Startup costs are different from normal operational expenses, and they have a special section of the US tax code. Many business owners handling their own taxes and bookkeeping don’t understand the tax code, and expensive mistakes are common. Correct categorization of expenditures and costs is necessary to ensure accurate filing.

The Internal Revenue Service has a strict definition of ordinary and necessary business deductions, and many startup costs fit none of the criteria because they occur after a business is already in operation. Most of these costs are necessary for proper preparation and planning, but they can be costly. Knowing the difference between the startup and operational costs is essential for accuracy’s sake.

The IRS defines startup costs as a capital expense, and they can’t be deducted in the most common manner. Alternatively, they are deducted through the amortization process. Below are some costs that are deductible through amortization.

  • Qualifying property is vulnerable to depreciation, which allows the business owner to deduct the property cost over multiple tax years. The amount of time for which this deduction is in effect depends on the amortization method. Though business owners can make the decision, accountants can provide insight as to each method’s pros and cons.

  • The costs of product analysis and market research are tax deductible.

  • Expenses arising from research on potential business locations are also deductible.

Other Potential Tax Deductions

Startups are sometimes eligible for other deductions, but some conditions apply. For instance, one deduction is only given if it cost under $50,000 to start the business. That deduction has a maximum of $5000, and it can be applied as long as the total is less than $55,000. The tax code can be confusing, especially for those who have never owned a business. First-time business owners should consult Accountants in Brooklyn before making any decisions.

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