Advantages of Permanent Makeup

Nothing like a little extra liner or color to make your eyes and lips pop. That’s probably why a lot of women search for eyeliners, eyebrows, and lip colors with staying power. For those who want to take that long-lasting look a step further in the quest for the perfect pout or brows, though, permanent makeup is one way to make it happen.

What is it?
Permanent makeup essentially involves the application of dyes or pigments into the first dermis of the skin. The procedure works to emphasize certain features. Want fiercer brows, lush lips, a great lash line? It’s no wonder permanent makeup is all the rage, says Shape.

Imagine delicate tattoos, instead of horror stories that involve ungainly brows and lips. Done exceptionally well, the effects are subtle, classy, and attractive.

*Saves time. Women won’t have to go through the hassle of wearing a lip liner every day just to get fuller lips. You can shower and be out the door in minutes, giving you more time for other things.

*No makeup. You won’t have to wear makeup everyday, which helps give your skin a break. Wearing makeup constantly dehydrates the skin. By going bare faced, you can let your skin breathe regularly.

*Conceal skin imperfections. If you’ve got stretch marks, surgical scars or burns and even skin conditions like cleft lip, alopecia and more, you can easily use permanent makeup to hide these skin imperfections away, saving you from any unwanted scrutiny or embarrassment.

Permanent Makeup Training
Given the many advantages it offers, being skilled in applying permanent makeup can provide you with wonderful job opportunities in the beauty industry. You can start by enrolling in a permanent makeup school in Virginia. With the right training, you can set off a great career path that much sooner.

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