Advantages To Online Tutoring

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Education

Throughout the world, the use of online tutoring that is available 24/7 to the child is becoming the choice for many parents and families. There are several reasons why tutoring software programs are an advantage over parental assistance, in-person tutoring and even online live tutoring.

While cost is not the most important factor for parents, the combination of lower costs, increased availability for the child as well as measurable progress for parents, children and teachers make this a service that is well worth considering.

To help parents and teachers see the advantages and benefits to online tutoring through a specially designed software program, it is important to understand that these programs learn about the child. This includes assessing his or her learning styles, as well as identify the specific learning gaps that are creating a problem.

The system then develops a personalized learning path that is unique for the student. Information retention and learning is tested on a regular basis through the system, ensuring that there is mastery before moving on to a more advanced concept. In this way, the learning is logical and complete, without the gaps that are so commonly the root cause of low grades and student frustration.

Monitoring and Reporting Features

With the top online software tutoring services the child, parents and the teacher all have their own login to the system. This adds a layer of privacy and security, but it also allows the different individuals to see different information.

Children can track their time online and using the program, as can parents and teachers. Reports and information about the child’s improvement are also provided on a regular basis as well as in real-time.

The Fun Factor

Children enjoy using an online tutoring program because it is fun. With multiple types of questions, hints and tips, video tutorials for some Grades and concepts as well as the ability to earn points for completing questions correctly, kids are motivated to spend time with on the program.

Student Control

Many children have different schedules on different days. By using an online software program for tutoring they can choose their time to log into the system and complete their work.

This is an easy way to give the child some control over when to work on their academics based on their schedule for the day. As there is tracking of the time on the system and the number of questions answered, there is accountability as well.

The other feature to consider is the program’s ability to monitor progress or to report to parents or teachers about the difficulty faced by child with a concept through the system. In this way, the child gets the assistance while still being independent, which is a great combination for any learner to experience.

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