All You Need To Know About Oilfield Services Companies in Calgary

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Oil and Gas

The term oilfield services company actually covers a broad range of providers. These organizations are primarily focused on providing products and services to assist in oil and gas exploration. You’ll find that most companies deal with the manufacturing, repair or transport of equipment. However, there is still a lot more to it. Read on to find out more about the oilfield services field in Edmonton.

Some Areas Covered by Oilfield Services

As mentioned, the services any one company can provide can vary a lot. Some firms are focused on providing technological support for oilfield companies. Considering this, they are likely to provide energy data management services or source location assistance. They may also provide consulting regarding geological science or state-of-the-art drilling methods. In recent years, the technological aspect of an oilfield service company in Calgary is becoming a large part of what these companies offer.

How These Companies Were Born

To the outsider, it might seem like a lot of the services provided by these companies could be handled in-house by drilling companies. In fact, this was the case just a few decades ago. However, huge mergers in the industry made handling these services very inefficient. Companies needed a more streamlined process to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Thus, a specialized type of service provider evolved in to today’s oilfield service company in Calgary. At this point in time, these companies are able to support larger oil entities throughout the life cycle of the oil extraction process.

The Benefits of Working With an Oilfield Services Company

There are many advantages offered by the typical oilfield service company in Calgary. First of all, these organizations are able to leverage the economies of scale to provide access to the latest technological developments in the oil industry. Oilfield services firms are also able to make efficient use of assets to ensure that profits are maximized. Additionally, these companies assist in the maintenance of accountability for oilfield operations.

Oilfield Services Companies Play an Important Role

It goes without saying that the oil industry as we know it wouldn’t function without these support systems. Hence, oilfield services companies actually play a central role in providing fuel sources for the nation.

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