Are Water Heater Repairs in Endicott, NY Worth the Money?

Are Water Heater Repairs in Endicott, NY Worth the Money?

Even though water heaters are designed to provide several years of trouble-free operation, they will require repairs. Many homeowners question the value of Water Heater Repairs in Endicott NY. Because water heaters are relatively inexpensive, some property owners believe it’s more cost-efficient to replace the old water heater rather than pay for repairs. Industry experts suggest the decision should be based on a couple of factors.

How Old is the Water Heater?

If a water heater is 10 or more years old, it may make sense to replace the unit when a problem develops. However, if the repair needed is minor, repairing the water heater may still be a viable option. Since water heaters are not all the same, the repair professional considers factors like the overall condition of the appliance and its quality level before making recommendations. If you’ve got questions about repairing a specific make and model of water heater, contact a plumbing expert providing Water Heater Repairs in Endicott NY for advice.

Does the Current Water Heater Meet the Family’s Needs?

Things change, and a water heater that seemed adequate in the past may no longer provide the hot water a family needs. If the family has grown, new bathrooms were added, or other life changes occurred that impact the demand for hot water, discuss the issues with a plumber before deciding to repair a water heater. In some cases, changes may well dictate an upgrade even if the existing water heater still functions.

What Should Homeowners Look for When Replacing a Water Heater?

Because every home is different, it’s important to discuss the situation with a plumber. Newer water heaters are available in different sizes and, if demands have changed, moving to a larger or smaller unit may be appropriate. Of course, efficiency is also important. Older water heaters used far more energy to heat and store a supply of hot water than today’s energy-efficient models. In addition, advances in on-demand water heaters have made converting to that type of unit attractive to many property owners. Plumbing professionals will gladly review the pros and cons of various options to help homeowners make educated decisions.

If you’re in need of a new water heater or would like additional information about reducing energy costs associated with water heaters, contact Fancher Appliance for help today. They’ll provide immediate repair assistance or suggest replacement options. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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