Ask Your Divorce Attorney in Paradise CA About Mediation

As people are becoming familiar with concepts such as conscious uncoupling, many are looking for ways to have more amicable divorces. Of course, it is understandable that you probably wouldn’t be getting divorced if you got along well with your spouse but there are ways to go about ending your marriage without bitter court battles. One of those strategies is mediation.

In addition to severing ties emotionally, couples also have to sever their financial ties when they get divorced. Doing so typically requires professional assistance but it generally doesn’t require a judge if you and your spouse are able to sit down at a table together to work out your divorce settlement. If you choose to try mediation, your spouse will bring their lawyer and you will have your own Divorce Attorney in Paradise CA with you.

It is important for both you and your spouse to be honest about your assets so they can be divided fairly. Your Divorce Attorney in Paradise CA may listen to what you hope to walk away with and give you advice on how to negotiate for the things that mean the most to you. As long as you are willing to give your spouse things that mean a lot to him or her and divide the assets that are important to both of you fairly, mediation may be the best avenue to take for a divorce. Keep in mind that you will both have to agree to mediation instead of litigation for it to work well.

Litigation can be expensive and fighting for one or two assets in court can cost your more than the value of your property. If you and your spouse both want to leave the marriage with enough money to start over, talk to a Divorce Attorney in Paradise CA such as Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law about the possibility of mediation. Mediation is also a good way to settle issues around child custody and parenting time. Parents who are able to agree on the issues related to their children may spare their kids the confusion that often goes along with a lengthy divorce court battle. Browse website for more information.

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