Auto Insurance Brokers Provide More Than Policies

Vehicle owners can get insurance policies from a few different sources. They can use the Internet and sign up for a policy, they go to the offices of a specific insurance company, or they can go to independent Auto Insurance Brokers. The policy will at least meet the state minimum of required liability coverage so the vehicle can legally be on the road. The representative, either in person or via live chat, will be able to answer any questions asked at the time, and the driver will have proof of insurance. Any of those options is fine for a single driver with no car payments.

Auto Insurance Brokers, such as those at the Perdue Insurance Group, for example, can do a lot more than sign a driver up for a policy. The first thing that happens is they will sit down with customers and ask about the needs. The value of the vehicle, the number and age of the drivers using the vehicle, the purposes it is used for, and the average distance traveled, determines the scope of policy needs. A vehicle that paid off does not require collision coverage but, if the vehicle has high value, or it is the only vehicle a family owns, collision coverage may be worth the cost. If the minivan is used to bring the neighborhood kids to soccer practice, it may be prudent to carry higher liability amounts and uninsured driver policies. These are things the vehicle owner might not have considered.

They have more freedom when it comes to finding companies and policies because they search several insurance companies rather than one or two. That means they will find the best policy at the best price. Independent brokers will also review current policies to see if any changes should be made. If a new child was born in the past year, or a new job requires more travel, the policy may have to be updated. Getting different policies from the same company may save customers money, and a review of all policies would indicate that possibility. Discounts are offered if policyholders have an auto, home, and life insurance from one company.

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