Avoid Rain, Ice or Snow Damage With Help From Expert Roofers in Columbus Ohio

There are various types of roofing structures and the one being used will usually depend on the style of the building being created. For example, Roofers in Columbus Ohio will place a flat or low-sloped roof on many larger buildings because this kind of roof is quickly installed and easily repaired. Of course, this implies that the roof covering uses the BUR (built-up roofing) method of construction. BUR is one or more layers of a roofing membrane such as roofing felt that is covered with asphalt to seal out any water.

Most houses make use of the pitched or gabled roof, and the main reason for this is homes were originally designed to quickly shed rain and snow to protect the building. This is necessary because ice can wreck a roof. The process is rather slow because water or slush from the ice and snow must first begin to creep under the shingles. This liquid will then freeze again, which forces the shingles away from the roof and allows, even more, water to pool in the resulting void. The next time the cycle repeats there will be more space and the problem continues to grow until the fault is repaired or the roof comes crashing down.

Luckily, expert Roofers in Columbus Ohio can handle these types of problems once they have been located. Unfortunately, finding this kind of fault is not always easy. After all, the water that causes the problem will drain away once the ice melts and the shingles once again lay flat. The roofer will need to thoroughly examine the roof, especially the shingles, which should be a part of the home’s maintenance routine. Talk to the roofer and get their input on how often a roof should be inspected. Many of them recommend about five years between inspections.

One area of concern is an older roof that is due to be replaced but hasn’t failed yet. This problem can be solved in a slightly unorthodox fashion using steel roofing. Certain types of metal roofing can be placed over an existing asphalt roof after the contractor has installed the battens required to secure it in place. This repair is easily justifiable because it eliminates most of the demolition required when replacing the roof and the steel will protect the building for decades.

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