Badger Water Meter Options For Water Management Companies

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Online Business

There are many different applications for water meters, including on residential properties as well as for commercial properties. Smart meters are commonly used in both, allowing accurate, individual usage billing in all types of buildings and communities.

For larger applications, such as water distribution by private and public water management companies and services, Badger water meter models are one of the best options. While Badger also makes residential and commercial meters, they also offer both mechanical and electronic water meters that offer the range of feature that water management companies and utilities require.

Options to Consider

The various options in Badger water meter models include both basic systems as well as those that are very advanced. Their meters also work with the managed solutions and allow for cloud-based software, 15-minute data updates and a full range of analytics. This not only increases efficiency but also provide reliable systems that are quickly customized and installed.

The company offers a range offers different meters based on the specific needs for the utility company. These include ultrasonic meters and disc types of meters for installation on residential and commercial properties as well as turbine and compound meters that can be used for fire applications and for the measurement of reclaimed water, water treatment, or wastewater management.

These large-scale meters are able to handle high volume flow requirements and, based on the specific Badger water meter models, can go from small meters for a two-inch line to up to a 12-inch line that handles up to 8800 gallons per minute. Designed to be easy to install and configure, they are used across the United States and around the world.

All of the water meters offered by Badger are fully tested and fully compatible with the water management solutions provided by the company.

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