Bail Agents in Norwalk, CT Can Be of Help with a Process Service

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Bail agents in Norwalk, CT often take on tasks that don’t involve bail. However, many individuals don’t realize this and wonder where to turn when they need assistance with different matters. For example, when a couple chooses to divorce, each party must be provided with a copy of the divorce papers, and this may lead to the need for a process server. What is a process server and what role do they play in the legal system?

Process Servers

A process server handles various tasks, such as filing papers with a court, serving legal documents, among others. Their main role in the legal system is to deliver legal papers to an individual involved in a court action. The server is required to obtain proof that the papers were delivered to the individual and this is referred to as an affidavit of service. The proof must be notarized and provided to the person or entity requesting the service. Each state determines how the process must occur; there is no nationwide method required.

Why They Are Needed?

A person may choose to claim they did not receive court documents as they don’t wish to be involved in legal actions. By making use of a process server, a person or entity can ensure the paperwork is delivered, they have proof of this delivery, and due process of the law is maintained at all times.

Furthermore, the use of process servers helps to ensure the paperwork arrives promptly and no court dates are missed. This is of great importance, as the court system is often overburdened and cases that aren’t held when scheduled can lead to an additional backlog.

Some bail agents in Norwalk, CT offer process service now, and this is the first place a person should go when they wish to have legal paperwork delivered to a party or entity. Contact if you need the assistance of a process server. The company will explain the entire process to you and will make certain you understand what is involved, the benefits of using a process server, and more.

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