Beat the Weather With Quality Residential Roofing Repair in Dedham MA

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Roofing

When a roof begins to fail, it often does so spectacularly. Sadly, this type of failure can often be prevented with the occasional roofing inspection and Residential Roofing Repair Dedham MA. Of course, the type of repair will depend on what ails the roof. The most common cause of problems is usually time. As the roof begins to age, the shingles can dry out, become brittle or tear in a strong wind. These are excellent ways for moisture to find its way to other layers of the roof and destroy materials such as the decking or rafters.

The typical house is usually covered with an asphalt based shingle with a warranty somewhere between fifteen and twenty-five years, depending on the quality of the product. Thankfully, there are better options. For example, composite shingles usually offer a lifetime warranty, and they are also an asphalt product. The difference is the thickness of the shingle. Composite shingles are two or three layers of material bonded together. This provides a strong yet durable shingle with a unique look. In fact, composite shingles were created to simulate the look of slate or similar stone roofing materials. To improve the appearance, the shingle has unique angles that throw off unusual shadows.

Alternately, the roofer may suggest the use of laminated shingles. Like the composite variety, the laminated shingle is thicker than standard three-tab versions. This is done by laminating the back of the shingle with an additional layer. Another difference between this type of shingle and the composite variety is the odd shapes the shingles are designed with. Unique shingles allow each Residential Roofing Repair Dedham MA to look fabulous.

If longevity is the overall goal, then it might pay to consider stamped steel. This type of roofing can be galvanized or coated with another protection against corrosion. Most steel roofing is designed to last at least fifty years and is fairly easy to install. One benefit to using this type of roof covering is the ability to place it over an existing roof. By placing battens over the roof, the contractor can install the steel without the need for demolition. To learn more, contact the experts at John Bean Roofing.

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