The Benefits of a Garbage Compactor

The Benefits of a Garbage Compactor

Trash should not be taking up considerable amounts of space at your business, apartment complex, or church. If you have a facility that generates a large amount of garbage, it’s going to take up a lot of space. The best way to reduce such amounts of trash is with a quality garbage compactor. To put it simply, compactors take trash and use intense hydraulic pressure to compress it to as small a size as possible. That will reduce the amount of space occupied by the trash, reduce your need to go on trash disposal trips, and reduce other trash-related expenses. Here are a few other benefits of installing a trash compactor at your place of business.

Multiple Dumpsters

If you have multiple dumpsters or rows of trash cans, you are wasting space. Such space could be better used for parking spaces, more business space, and much more. To give you more space, you can have a garbage compactor installed. The compactor will repeatedly compress any trash until it is full. It won’t take up as much space as the equivalent amount of dumpsters would take up with uncompressed trash.

You can visit to see what kinds of compactors are available and how to have one installed.

Pest Control

You probably have some pest control expenses at your facility. A lot of that is due to food and moisture that grows in and around dumpsters. Pests are obviously attracted to such waste. If you compress the trash, you will greatly reduce the number of pests in and around your trash. Compactors are more tightly contained units than standard dumpsters, and they do not readily expose the trash to pests.

Compactors are a great solution for anyone who wants to spend less time thinking about trash. If you are driving to the dump more often than you’d like or spending a lot of time putting trash cans on the curb and bringing them back, you can avoid most of that with a compactor. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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