Benefits of Calling a Water Heater Service in Van Nuys CA for Repairs

Benefits of Calling a Water Heater Service in Van Nuys CA for Repairs

When the water heater in a home is not working correctly, it can have a negative impact on all members of the home. Everyone relies on hot water for cleaning, personal hygiene and other tasks. When there is no hot water, these tasks can still be done, just not as effectively or as comfortably. Because of this, when there are problems, calling a Water Heater Service in Van Nuys CA is a good idea.

While there are some tasks a homeowner can handle on his or her own, often anything other than simple checks to make sure the power and water are on, can require too much work. Instead, hiring a professional can be a quick way to determine the problem and have the unit fixed.

Most technicians will begin an inspection by determining the age of the unit. Most units are designed to last 10 to 15 years. If the unit is over this age, repairs may not be a good choice and a technician will often let their customer know about this before repairs are started.

The technician will need to check over the burner and/or heating elements. Many times if the unit is not producing hot water, it may be due to problems with the components on the burner, such as the pilot, gas thermocouple and control/valve. If this is the problem, these components can be easily replaced. Electrical units use heating elements and often these components may need to be replaced as well.

A professional from a Water Heater Service in Van Nuys CA will also check the condition of the water from the tank. This is done by allowing water to escape through the release valve. If the water coming from the tank is gritty or contains sediment the tank may need to be flushed. Many times a buildup of sediment can line the interior of the water tank. This prevents the transfer of heat from the tank to the water. By flushing the tank with clean water, the sediment can be removed and this will often restore function to the unit.

If these options do not correct the problems with the unit, it may be fault or need replacing. A technician will be able to assist the homeowner in this decision and in replacing the unit if needed.

Professionals should be called whenever the hot water is not working in a home.

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