Benefits To Adding Pergola Covers For Frisco Yards

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Home and Garden

A pergola is a wonderful addition to a backyard for any Frisco home. There are many different types and styles of pergolas, but the difference between these structures and other types of outdoor living spaces is their basic design.

A pergola features at least four beams that are positioned in the corners of the square styles. Round or custom shaped pergolas may have several other pillars, columns or beams in a number of shapes and designs. These pillars are connected with a series of cross beams to form a top. The traditional pergola was used to grow vines, which then created a green, living lattice and created shade.

However, all pergolas have open walls on at least three sides. In some home designs, including the newer homes in Frisco, the pergola can be attached to the house, creating a semi-covered deck or patio area, often from the kitchen area of the home.

Adding Shade

In the heat of the Texas sun, the slight amount of shade offered by the crossbeams and the lattice on the top of the pergola does not provide much protection. By the addition a stylish pergola cover, homeowners can enjoy the elegance of the structure, but also have a cooler area to spend time even on hot, sunny days.

The choice of pergola cover is usually based on the home design and style. One of the most versatile and natural looking options is cedar, and this is a rich, elegant looking wood that is extremely durable and also low maintenance.

Traditionally, adding an increased number of crossbeams and latticework creates more shade in the pergola cover while also adding a more intricate look to the structure. By choosing some woody perennial vines, you can create a beautiful, natural cover that takes full advantage of any breeze while still providing protection from the sun.

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