Bridges And Implants: Two Alternatives To Dentures

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Dentist

If you are considering replacing your teeth with dentures, we would like to remind you that there are two other alternative treatments – dental implants and bridges. The popularity of these two restorations is growing across Ontario, including Hamilton area, as patients value their resilience and durability.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Dentistry is a field that evolves at an extreme rate, and unless you have previously faced the issue of missing teeth, you might not be aware of all the possibilities available to you to restore all gaps in your smile. Here are some facts on dental bridges and implants:

  1. Bridges: A bridge is a very popular form of tooth replacement. As the name indicates, the structure resembles a bridge and it involves two adjacent teeth on each side of the gap. A dentist places crowns on those teeth, that will act as the anchors and hold in place falls teeth in between. The adjacent teeth have to be healthy and able to hold a crown. A bridge is constructed from a variety of materials, including gold, porcelain, zirconium or a combination of two. This is a permanent solution, as the bridge is cemented into the position. The anchoring teeth can be replaced by dental implants.
  1. Implants: Dental implants consist of a single titanium post surgically inserted into the jawbone and a visible part, the crown. Implants can replace a single missing tooth or, by combining a bridge with several implants, replace multiple teeth. They are permanent, stable and comfortable. They also resemble natural teeth more than any other denture alternative option. However, as your Hamilton dentist is also aware, implants are a more expensive alternative to dentures.

Making a Decision: Dentures, Bridges or Implants

If you have lost one or more of your teeth, consult your dentist about what is your best replacement option. While dentures may seem the optimal solution, a bridge or implants may be more appropriate. Talk to your friendly and knowledgeable dentist at Gateshead Dental. Contact them in their Hamilton offices or online.

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