Business Security And Dusk To Dawn LED Light Solutions

Protecting a business after hours is always a challenge. It can be very costly to hire security services and, in some areas, this may not be practical at all. The other option is to turn to alarm services, CCTV options, and lighting solutions.

While the CCTV (closed circuit television) is often a good deterrent, it too can be costly for a larger building. This can become even more complicated if there are multiple entrances and a lot of windows in the building. Using dusk to dawn LED light fixtures around the exterior of the building as well as in key locations to illuminate entrances can be a great standalone way to keep vandals at bay.

The Benefits

With quality dusk to dawn LED light fixtures on the property, the lights are only one when they are needed. This reduces the cost of running wall packs or floodlights that will need to be manually turned on and off and don’t have the photosensor feature.

With the use of the light sensors in the dusk to dawn LED light options, even on weekends or holidays, the exterior of the building can be lit to the level you need to provide a perimeter around the building.

Where to Place Lights

It is important to consider both safety and security when choosing where to position the lighting fixtures. Placement over entrances is an obvious security benefit as anyone standing at the door could be easily seen by people passing, security patrols or even more clearly seen on CCTV systems.

Placing dusk to dawn lights along sidewalks and parking areas is also important. This is often associated with staff coming and going throughout the evening hours, which can also help to give thieves second thoughts about the vulnerability of a specific building.

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