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The roof of a home is much more than something that keeps the rain off everyone’s heads. The foundation of a home holds the walls. The walls hold the wiring and pipes. The roof, however, protects the rest of the home and keeps everyone inside safe. The way a roof works is by layering materials over the rest of the home. These materials are supported by beams that support the weight of the materials and any additional weight from snow or rain. When those materials are worn down by the sun, rain, snow, and wind they eventually don’t hold back moisture. This is called water penetration. When moisture makes its way into the walls of a home it can cause serious damage. It only takes a little water in the right place to cause a serious issue.

As water makes its way down from the roof of a home it seeps into the walls and eventually into the floor. Over time, this small amount of water could cause thousands of dollars in damage. A Roofing Specialist can catch minor issues before water penetration begins. Calling a roofing service provider for an inspection at least once per year will assure these issues are caught before serious damage occurs. Service providers such as Neal Strickland Roofing Inc. are happy to schedule annual inspections or more often if necessary. Minor issues are much easier and quicker to fix. It also costs less to make smaller repairs over time than to have to make large repairs every few years.

Calling a Roofing Specialist is one of the smartest moves a homeowner could make. Not only does a good roof help retain the value of a home, it can save thousands of dollars in repair costs. These savings more than make up for the cost of calling a local service provider on a regular basis. Annual inspections are a good start but it’s also important to have a roof checked after a big storm or whenever it looks like water damage is creeping into the ceiling or walls. Any questions about roof maintenance or how to spot water penetration should be directed to a local service provider. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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