Caravan For Sale in Ashford – How to Spend Your Money Wisely

Taking a break when you choose is something you can do when you buy a caravan for sale in Ashford. A home and a car in one, a caravan can be stocked with clothing, food, drink and other provisions that will make those road trips all the more enjoyable. If you want to take a break from your normal routine but don’t want to spend too much on a motorhome, learn how to invest wisely. From comparing caravan dealers to performing research online, there are a few ways in which you can pay less for used or second-hand caravans.

HPI Check

If the caravan you have an interest in was manufactured after 1992, the Registration Identification Scheme (CRiS) will feature its VIN registration. This VIN number is 17 digits long and will normally begin with SG. It’s more than just a number, because it indicates whether or not the caravan has outstanding finance on it. Additionally, it confirms the vehicle’s identity so that if it has had its insurance written off in the past or if it has been stolen, you will know about it.

Age and History

Dealers may lie about the age of the caravans they sell in order to make a quick sale. Before you fall in love with a caravan for sale in Ashford, estimate the age through the HPI check, number plate format or by using the Internet. A lot of websites will tell you the age of a car or caravan once you provide some basic details. Remember to always buy a caravan with full service history, so that you are aware of what work it has had done in the past, how well it was maintained by its previous owner, etc.

Caravan Condition

A thorough inspection will usually tell you everything you need to know about caravans. Refrain from buying one that has had DIY work done to the electrical features, and make sure the seals around the windows and doors are completely weather-proof, so that you can rule out the risks of a leak. Always check for damp, as this could cause serious issues when you’re on the road! The chassis and running gear should also be examined thoroughly for rust and deterioration.
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