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Using Concrete Blocks in Coldwater MI To Construct A Fire Pit

When someone wishes to add a fire pit to their backyard, they may be able to undertake the project on their own. Constructing a fire pit can be done with some materials purchased from a hardware store. Here are some simple instructions to use when constructing a pit out of Concrete Blocks in Coldwater MI. First, the homeowner should plot out the area where the firepit is to be installed. This is done by measuring the spot where it will be placed and using stakes to show the perimeter of where the concrete blocks will be placed. After the area is plotted out, several inches of soil in the middle of the stakes should be removed. This should be filled in with pieces of crushed gravel, creating the flooring of the fire pit as a result. Concrete blocks will be used for the body of the fire pit. The blocks can be placed around the gravel pieces, containing them in the center of the blocks. After the bottom tier of blocks are in place, a second layer can be added. Center each concrete block over two of the blocks in the bottom tier. Use concrete cement to adhere the blocks in place so they do not tip. Add three or four tiers for the best results. Make sure the concrete cement on each tier dries in its entirety before adding another tier so the stability of the structure is not compromised. After all of the blocks are in place, a metal grate can be placed over the top tier. This will help contain the fire and can be used to grill food if desired. There are several online sites that give further information on how to create a fire pit from Concrete Blocks in Coldwater MI. If someone needs to obtain concrete to use for this type of project, they will need to contact a reliable concrete supplier for these tools. Take a look at a website like website to find a variety of products to use for household and commercial products at a great price. An order can be placed for delivery if desired. Connect with us with on Google+! Be the first to like. Like...
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