Ceramic Coatings Help To Save Energy

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Medical Center

In many different types of industrial uses, applications and for specialized devices, the use of ceramic coatings can be instrumental in creating several different advantages over other coating or surface finishing options.

One of the ways that these coatings can be used is to  help to reduce energy use. There are several different ways that energy-savings can be accomplished by these coatings and it will vary from application to application.

Reducing Friction
One of the most important benefits to consider when selecting ceramic coatings is the reduction in friction. This is particularly important in components or devices that move frequently and where movement is directly related to the use of energy.

By using the correct type of coating option, the coated surface is smoother and slides over or through the other component with limited friction and limited drag. Not only will this save on energy use to move the components, but it will also save on the need to replace the components frequently. This is critical in medical implants or other types of devices in critical types of uses in the automotive or aerospace industries.

Heat Reflectivity
On a larger scale, ceramic coatings can be used to create a heat reflective surface. When heat is reflected rather than absorbed, there is less energy needed to maintain a consistent temperature in the part or component or in the structure or device.

This means less energy used in the cooling process that would be required if the specific coating was not available. For many applications, this is an essential factor as high heat may lead to structural stress that can lead to early part failures. This is particularly important in the automotive and aerospace industry as well as in developing more environmentally friendly construction methods.

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