How the Changing Face of Sauna Technology is Changing How – and Where – We Use It

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Business

Most people know the many health benefits – both mental and physical – of using a sauna. Beloved for decades by people all over the world, today’s models use infrared sauna heaters to provide additional biological benefits and give users the best possible relaxation, while maintaining a slim profile. This isn’t just changing the way we use sauna technology – it’s changing the places we use it, too!

Once Upon a Time

For many years, the only place you could enjoy the sauna experience was in specialized health and vitality spas in remote regions of the world, or in the homes of the exceedingly wealthy. Not only has this changed in the sense that more average Americans can afford home saunas than ever before, but stationary locations like the home are no longer the only place to find heat-based relaxation.

A Sauna on the Go? Please Say It Could Be So!

If you own a yacht, charter ship, hotel or other getaway, consider installing a sauna in your guest rooms, spa or other accommodation. You’ll find that guests are not only willing to go out of their way to book your lodgings with this added benefit, but they’re willing to pay more for their booking with this added value. Boca Raton are sauna retailer Sunny Day Saunas sells space-saving units that can be installed almost anywhere you have space to fit a dresser or armoire, yet also provide world-class relaxation and rejuvenation for your guests. Each unit they provide is equipped with an infrared sauna heater, the industry gold standard in health benefits and deep, soothing relaxation.

If you’re looking for a way to make your guests’ – or your own family’s – travels more relaxing, consider a space-saving, go-anywhere sauna. You just might find yourself going on more adventures than ever, knowing you can return to the warm embrace of the ultimate in relaxation.

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