Checking Out Party Venues In Frankfort, IL

Party planners need to be organized. And, there is no way around it. That is because there are so many details. First, location is important for several reasons. If the party is a major event, lots of hotels and shops should be nearby. It is a major no-no to make out-of-town guests stay miles away from the venue. They will already be tired and should not drive far. Likewise, the party venue should have a large parking lot. Guests should not have to look for parking spaces, especially at night.

The contract with the venue should be very detailed. In addition, the venue should have written guarantee and cancellation policies. Likewise, there should be a line item for each cost. The appearance of party venues in Frankfort, IL is also key. The grounds should be attractive and well-maintained. Also, cleanliness is important. Indeed, there should be no dirty carpets and peeling paint. A major priority is whether the venue can accommodate your party. Visit the website to find out the room sizes. Further, the venue should have plenty of bathrooms and handicap access.

Food and drink are major components of any party. Party venues in Frankfort, IL may have their own caterers. Usually, the caterer provides several menu and serving options. Of course, there will be a tasting where menu items are sampled. Additionally, caterers provide table linens, dishes, stemware, and flatware. Caterers work with guests if they have a theme. Often, they will ask the guest to bring the decorations ahead of time. And, they will set them up. Likewise, the caterer provides wait staff and bartenders. It may be cheaper if the guests buy their own liquor. However, that may not be allowed. Hopefully, there will be music and dancing at the party. If so, audio and visual equipment comes into play. In addition, microphones and flat screen monitors may be needed. Most venues have the equipment to rent. Additionally, the guest should make sure these items are included in the contract. Great parties take a lot of work and planning. That is what makes the party of a lifetime.

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