Choosing the Right Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh, PA

Choosing the Right Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh, PA

For many different individuals, mobility means independence. It’s important that they are able to move around freely to ensure that they can stay in their own homes or even live without constant assistance. But not all Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA are the same. It’s important to choose the right aid for the right situation. Here are a few tips to ensure that consumers select the right product.

Level of Mobility

Sometimes a person just needs a little bit of help getting from one side of the room to the other. Sometimes it is next to impossible for an individual to walk across the room on his or her own. The level of need and mobility will determine which of the Mobility Aids in Pittsburgh PA will work best. Canes are going to provide some assistance for those that have the ability to walk with help. Wheelchairs are better for those that cannot walk across an expanse, even with other types of aids.

Cost Associated with Aids

Once the right mobility aid has been selected, it’s time to narrow down the options. Most people start to look at the cost associated with each one. Some items are covered by insurance while others need to be paid for out of pocket. Take the time to look at different brands, making it a point to read reviews in order to select the best item for the job at the best possible price point.


Think about when the mobility aid is needed. Sometimes, if a patient is in the hospital, there is time to place an order to have one of the aids delivered. If not, consider taking advantage of a lending program from the hospital until the item can be delivered. Similarly, if it looks like the current mobility aid isn’t going to last for long, be sure to place an order for a new one well in advance to ensure that a person isn’t without a mobility aid.

When the time comes to find a mobility aid, start the search with McArdle Surgical. Items like lift chairs are a great addition to any home where a person needs a little bit of help sitting down and standing up. Stair lifts are great for consumers with two-story homes that need to be able to access the entire structure. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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