Choosing the Right Window Sheers in Bradenton, FL

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Window Services

While some people love heavier window treatments, there are those who like to keep things light and airy. For those homeowners, going with Window Sheers Bradenton FL in the main living areas makes sense. The thing to remember is that sheers can come with several different attributes. Choosing wisely will ensure they provide the look and function desired.

The Right Color

Many people assume that window sheers in Bradenton, FL must be white. While that is certainly a common choice, there are plenty of options to consider. Even if white is what the homeowner wants, there is the matter of choosing the right shade. Would a bright white be best, or would an eggshell white work best in the room?

Along with various shades of what, the sheers can sport a range of pastel, and even darker, colors. Pick up cues based on the colors used elsewhere in the room. Opting for color that is less prominent in the room is often a nice approach. For example, if the furniture upholstery is a pattern that includes a pale yellow in the background, opting for pale yellow sheers will draw out the color and also help unify the room.

How About Texture?

Not all sheers are smooth to the touch. It is possible to go with a set that has some type of thin design or pattern. While subtle, this additional bit of texture adds something to the look of the windows and helps to dress them up a little more. Since this approach is not used as often as plain sheers, it also provides the room with an element that is a little unexpected.

With or Without Draperies?

Some people like the look of flanking sheers with drapery panels at each end. This is a nice look that works especially well when the homeowner likes sheers but considers them too plain on their own. Along with adding a panel on each end of the window, investing in blinds makes it possible to let in the sunshine when desired and close off the space at night for privacy.

For more ideas on how to dress windows, visit Blinds & Designs today. Talk with an expert and try a few combinations. It will not take long to find the right elements for the space and be happy with the look.

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