Commercial Roofing in Beltsville, MD Protects Expensive Buildings and Equipment

Commercial Roofing in Beltsville, MD Protects Expensive Buildings and Equipment

Commercial buildings include large uses such as hospitals, shopping malls and factories. They often have large flat roofs with complicated machinery on them that help run the building such as HVAC units. Contractors that install Commercial Roofing in Beltsville MD have to have special knowledge and skills to construct these roofs. They often work with engineers and architects early in the design process to ensure that the proper materials are used. In addition to understanding the materials, they are also familiar with the warranties provided by different manufacturers. Selecting the proper materials and warranties can lead to substantial savings as the roof ages.

Factories often need to be laid out in a long horizontal manner, to accommodate large production lines. They may also have to be large enough to permit small front loaders to bring materials to various locations on the line. Because of the amount of activity that occurs in these structures, building designers want to minimize the number of support columns that can interrupt the work flow. Metal roofs are often used because they are stronger and can span longer distances without support columns.

Metal roofs also have many other benefits. They are also fire resistant and stand up to inclement weather. This provides maximum protection to the factory and minimizes the chance they won’t be able to full-fill their orders. Contractors that provide Commercial Roofing in Beltsville MD often have their own sheet metal fabrication units. This allows them to easily customize the metal roof to accommodate special features such as vents, HVAC units and fire suppression equipment. This reduces any chance of the roof leaking.

The contractor may also recommend that membrane roofing be installed. The roof is covered in a series of sheets that are fused together. These sheets can be made from rubber, thermoplastic or bitumen. Each material has it’s benefits, maintenance requirements and warranties. Roofers who are familiar with local conditions will know which type stands up best in their region. Orndorff & Spaid are commercial roofers in the Beltsville region that have experience with these roofing materials. Business owners can visit to learn more about their experience and capabilities.

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