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by | Oct 1, 2015 | Healthcare

Help is just around the corner when an accident happens and an individual suddenly needs a wheelchair or walker to get around. There are medical supply houses located close by that carry everything from lift chairs to hospital beds. They also supply support socks and stockings, prescribed by the doctor. Many supplies are covered by insurance, with a small deductible, and all medical supplies can be paid for with cash. When patients are experiencing swelling in the legs and feet, they’re very often told to wear stockings that are specially made to keep the swelling down.

When Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh PA are needed, many doctors and patients Contact McArdle Surgical where they can get the highest quality socks and stockings that last a long time. The stockings they sell are not the thick beige type worn by people long ago. They offer modern styles, materials and colors to help anyone get through the day without tired aching legs, or ankles that are swollen over their shoes. Since patients come in many sizes, the compression socks and stockings also come in various sizes. They have knee high or trouser socks for men, and pantyhose, knee high and thigh high types available for women. Stopping in at one of the companies is a very good idea since personal assistance is always available

Caregivers and family members find that bathing can quickly become a difficult part of the day for someone ill or injured. Getting up from a sitting position is almost impossible for the elderly, or anyone suffering from an injury, the pain of arthritis or a slipped disc in the back. When individuals are searching for Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh PA, they’ll also find products especially made to keep a patient safe, including shower benches, bath safety stools, and grab bars to hold on when getting in and out of the shower or bathtub.

Whatever will keep a person safer and more comfortable is offered by medical supply companies. When a patient needs urinary incontinence products, potty chairs, mattress pads and liners for the bed, all of these products contribute to every patient’s delicate condition by allowing them to have a more comfortable night and day. The caregiver also feels better when the patient is safer and more comfortable.

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