Contacting General Roofers in Oklahoma City OK After Storm Damage Occurs

by | May 22, 2019 | Roofing Contractor

Storms cause havoc to rooftops of all types if the conditions are just right. If your business recently sustained damage because of high winds and excessive precipitation, contact one of the General Roofers in Oklahoma City OK to do an assessment. Here is some information pertaining to roof damage caused by storms so you understand the importance of having an evaluation conducted and replacement materials installed as quickly as possible.

Weight Of Limbs Weakens Roofing Materials

If a large branch or tree limb lands upon a rooftop, its weight is likely to cause additional damage to roofing materials if it is not removed right away. Contact a tree service to remove debris from a roof without delay to decrease the possibility of damage to shingles, shakes, or panels. Debris that remains on the rooftop will become heavier in time as moisture from the atmosphere or precipitation accumulates around or under it.

Damaged Materials Allow Moisture To Get Through

When shingles peel away from a rooftop, exposed wood is prone to saturation when precipitation falls in the future. This is also possible with cedar shakes that have portions that have chipped away or cracked. Metal panels with damage allow for moisture to settle into broken areas, possibly saturating underlying roofing material in time.

Gutters Need Assessment After Storms Too

In addition to roofing materials, gutter systems exposed to damaging winds and saturating precipitation also require an assessment by a professional. If a gutter system fails, moisture is not diverted away from the structure. This leads to additional roof damage as well as the possibility of foundation troubles. Take a look at gutters after a storm for any bending portions, cracks within the gutter material, or visible leaking. Remove debris from within gutters right after a storm passes to allow for water diversion.

When there is a need for storm damage repair, contact one of the General Roofers in Oklahoma City OK for a professional evaluation of a rooftop. Take a look at a website like Sitename for more information about the services provided to customers or to make an appointment for a roof check.

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