Could Traditional Fruit Cake Replace Energy Bars?

by | May 30, 2019 | Fruitcake

These days, traditional fruit cake is more than just a weighty gift for the holidays. While many may not appreciate receiving a fruit cake, those in the health and fitness community are finding a new appreciation for the tasty treat.

Hiking Food

An increasing number of frequent hikers are saying that they actually prefer traditional fruit cake to the granola and protein bars they usually take on their trips. It is tastier than an energy bar. It is not some goop squeezed from a tube. It is more than just trail food; it is real food.

You might even say that fruit cake is the ideal food for a hiker going the distance. Compared to popular snack bars and candy bars, a traditional fruit cake has close to the same number of calories per gram. However, you also get the benefit of added calcium, magnesium, and iron because the mineral content in fruit cake is considerably higher.

Easy to Eat for Athletes on the Go

As more and more athletes begin to use traditional fruit cake as fuel for exercise. Some have chosen bite-size varieties, which are easier to take on hiking trails, biking trips, and camping excursions.

Fruit cake is also ideal for winter activities as well. Even if the cake is previously frozen, when defrosted it is still cakey enough to eat with the greatest of ease.

The best thing about eating traditional fruit cake on the go is how amazingly feeling it is. About once an hour, all you have to do is pop one in your mouth, and you are good to go. While with the right recipe, you may find yourself wanting to devour a whole loaf of cake, all you need is a couple of bites to feel like you have had a decent meal.

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