Courthouse Wedding in San Antonio- Should You Go For It?

Courthouse Wedding in San Antonio- Should You Go For It?

Planning a wedding in a courthouse is a great idea. In a world where people are becoming more and more practical about marriage, courthouse weddings are becoming quite popular. People are loath to spending a large sum of money on marriage. After all, nobody is really sure that the marriage will last. In San Antonio especially, there are many courthouses where people can get married. San Antonio is one of the largest cities in the United States, and is the second largest city by population in the state of Texas. Needless to say, arranging a courthouse wedding in San Antonio is easy. But the question is; should you go for it? Here are a few reasons why a courthouse wedding might be a good idea:

It is Cheap

The first and foremost reason why so many people now prefer to get married in a courthouse is because it is cheap. You don’t have to incur a huge amount of expenditure in arranging the whole wedding. All you need to do is book the courthouse on a specific date and time, and show up for the wedding. Virtually all expenditure related to setting up the premises will be saved. Nowadays, many people marry young. A courthouse wedding makes sense since nobody wants to pile up large amounts of debt at such an early age.

Intimate Setting

Many courthouses don’t allow many guests. Depending upon where you live, you can usually bring in a couple of witnesses. In some cases, you can invite a small group of guests along as well. Many people don’t prefer inviting a large group of guests over. In many cases, the bride and groom don’t even know all of the people present at their wedding. Why would you want to spend that much money? People usually prefer getting married in an intimate setting nowadays. A courthouse provides just that. You can invite some of your closest friends to serve as witnesses and rejoice in your most memorable moment!

Time- Efficient

Why would you want to spend half of your day at the wedding venue? A courthouse wedding is quick and efficient. You will probably be done within an hour. From then on, you can spend the rest of your day going around the city, taking chic photos. In fact, many people plan picnic parties as well. You can take along a group of friends and enjoy the day at a beach or a farmhouse. This is a lot more fun than spending the remainder of your time meeting and greeting a bunch of people whom you don’t even know up close.

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