Create A Unique Display Using A High Heel Shoe Mold

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Shopping

There are so many special occasions where a cake is really the perfect addition to a party, a great meal, or even a social gathering. On other occasions, a fanciful centerpiece made of fondant, chocolate, gum paste or combination of options may be the perfect look.

For all the fashionistas in your life, having a high heel shoe mold can be the perfect decorating equipment. A traditional high heel shoe kit is typically used to create very realistic looking fondant, chocolate or gum paste centerpiece, but companies like N.Y. Cake also offer specialized high heel and stiletto cake pans, perfect for an edible piece of fashion.

Planning Your Design

When using the silicon high heel and stiletto cake pans, there is less need for advance planning. Bakers can select their favorite cake batter and simply use the mold as they would any other cake pan.

Icing, fondant, and even chocolate can be used to decorate the high heel shoe cake, allowing for you to be as fanciful or as true to the theme of the party or event as you want.

When working with the high heel shoe mold for fondant, chocolate or gum paste, advanced planning is a must. These molds allow you to create the designer shoe of your choice, so starting out with a good idea of what you want in the final shoe is important.

The kits contact a high heel mold, the rack to create the foot and the arch of the shoe. Options to design a full toe, an open toe or even a strap are all possible, with these additional design elements being made out of fondant or gum paste and added to the basic design of the high heel shoe mold.

Fully customizable, bakers can create either a cake or an edible stiletto heel that is sure to be a hit of the party. Perfect for birthdays, bridal showers, graduation, a new career or any other special occasion, these are a great addition to any designer mold collection.

N.Y. Cake offers a full range of decorating molds and pans to make any event special. For a closer look at our high heel shoe mold, see us online at

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