Custom Home Furnishing in Long Island NY

People spend a lot of time at home, so it should be a place of comfort and relaxation, but also a place that reflects personality and style for entertaining friends and family. The best way to achieve those goals is to fill the space with custom home furnishing in Long Island, NY. Custom furnishings are well worth the investment because they will be hand-crafted, of the highest quality, last for many years, and be unique pieces that will make a lasting impression on visitors and guests. Department store furniture will fall apart quickly, and pieces from the furniture store may last a bit longer, but will also be found in thousands of homes.

Having custom home furnishing in Long Island, NY in the space does not have to cost a small fortune. A unique piece can be used as a focal point for the room, around which all other furniture and decor will blend. One or two pieces will enhance the entire room or area. A custom upholstered divan, for example, can elevate everything else in the living room. Side tables, lamps, and other seating can be chosen to complement that one piece. A horse hair X-bench ottoman in the entry way can make a lasting impression on guests when they first arrive in the home. An expertly carved hutch in the dining room can be the one investment that is the center of attention when people come over for a small celebration, a dinner party, or an intimate dinner for two.

Another way to create the unique style and enhance the look of a room is to have custom window treatments made and installed. That process begins with conceptual drawings that will be transformed into designs produced in-house by experienced craftsman. Professional installers will arrive at the home to make sure the fit of the treatments is perfect. Whether it is curtains, drapes, blinds, or valances, all components will be fitted and placed in exact order. Custom hardware is available for treatments as well. Custom bedding, such as canopies and tented ceilings, dust skirts, and upholstered box springs and headboards, can turn a master bedroom into a luxurious retreat. Customers can go to  for details on options and capabilities, and to set up a private appointment.

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