Custom Packing Services in San Antonio

A packing crate is much more than just a simple wooden box an object is put in for shipping. Anyone who has ever received a package from FedEx or UPS has dug their prize out of layers of packing peanuts or bubble-wrap. The modern packing crate is more complex. Packing crates, though general in size, are custom constructions. A great deal of carpentry goes into the building of a packing crate intended to ship machine parts, motorcycles, or delicate antique objects or works of art. The contents inside have to be protected and insulated from all shocks or impacts which could cause breakage.

Consider the conditions under which large objects are shipped. They are subject to continual movement during transport. Even if the crate is secured within its transporter, the cargo inside can be damaged if it is not properly secured. And the last thing any shipping company wants is to deliver a smashed antique hurricane lamp or a damaged helicopter engine to the customer.

Packing services in San Antonio employ skilled carpenters who assemble custom crates built around the objects they are meant to transport. Internal bracing strengthens the crate to prevent any collapse while also securing the cargo within from sudden movement. Strapping further secures heavy machine parts or whole assembled machines from any internal displacements which could result in damage. And for smaller and more fragile objects, sufficient internal space is provided for packing and insulating material to blanket the delicate object d’art from any sudden shock.

After building the custom crate and securing the cargo within, the next steps involve the proper handling, shipment, and storage of the package. Crates are properly secured on pallets. These are then easily transported by forklift to the shipping container or storage unit where they are slotted in carefully and locked down to prevent any possibility of unexpected shifting. The cargo is immobilized, protected, and thus can be safely transported to any destination and stored until final delivery to the customer.

Visit website which is linked here. The home page has a complete menu to portals detailing packing services in San Antonio and other metro locations, and a good general outline of the custom packing crate construction services available to customers.

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