Deciding Between New Cars or New Trucks in Fond Du Lac, WI

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Automotive

When it comes time to purchase a vehicle, it can be hard to decide just which one is the best option. Not only do people have to decide between new and used vehicles, but they also have to determine which type of vehicle to focus on-;cars or trucks. There are advantages to each type of vehicle. Considering these pros and cons will help make the decision between new cars and new trucks in Fond Du Lac WI easier.

Gas Mileage

One of the main disadvantages of purchasing new trucks in Fond Du Lac WI is that trucks tend to get much lower gas mileage than cars do. People who drive long distances and don’t need the added cargo space afforded by trucks may be better off choosing a new car instead. Some trucks use less gas than others, however, so with a little research, it can be possible to find one that gets somewhat better gas mileage that will suit your needs.


New Trucks in Fond Du Lac WI are more durable than cars, and they can tow or haul a much heavier load than cars with their powerful engines. In many cases, they can drive off-road when necessary, which isn’t usually possible with most cars because they don’t have enough ground clearance.

Space Considerations

While new cars offer more seating capacity than new trucks, the trucks have the ability to carry large loads and more oddly shaped items because of their long open truck beds, making them the better option for people who frequently need to move a lot of items from place to place. Some types of cars do have more storage space in them than others, however, with relatively large trunks.

Driving Ease

When it comes to which is better to drive, it depends on which factors are more important to you. For example, trucks provide better visibility since the driver sits up higher and may have fewer blind spots. However, cars are usually easier to park, especially when the spaces are on the smaller side. The compactness of cars tends to make them easier to maneuver, although their engines aren’t usually as powerful as those in trucks.

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