Determining If You Need the Assistance of an Entertainment Lawyer

Determining If You Need the Assistance of an Entertainment Lawyer

Are you involved in creating music? Or perhaps you write books, film movies, or otherwise build something creative in your everyday life. If you answered yes to this question, you might need the assistance of an entertainment lawyer in Chicago. This type of professional helps you ensure you get the compensation and credit you deserve for your hard work.

What an Entertainment Lawyer Does

An entertainment lawyer is a professional who represents clients who work in entertainment. This includes musicians, authors, producers, actors, and more. Your attorney provides representation in lawsuits and can provide you with advice about any contracts you are considering signing.

Determining Whether You Need an Entertainment Lawyer

If you are involved in the entertainment industry in any manner, having an attorney can be an asset. Here are some of the reasons people choose to hire a lawyer:

  • You are negotiating or entering into some type of contract.
  • You need information about distribution or publication rights.
  • Someone has violated a contract of yours.
  • Your intellectual property has been stolen by someone.
  • You are being sued for any of the things above.
  • What to Expect from an Entertainment Lawyer

When your entertainment lawyer in Chicago draws up documents, you can expect that these documents are legally binding. Your attorney will also ensure that the document is made with terms you can understand. If you are in a situation where you are suing someone, your attorney will work to win the case and provide rights to your work or compensation. If you are the person who is being sued, the lawyer will do whatever is possible to prove you are innocent or reduce your charges as much as possible. While this is no guarantee you will win the case, it certainly provides you with the best possible chance.

Pricing for an Attorney

The price you will pay to your attorney will depend on many different factors. Many entertainment attorneys offer hourly rates for services such as document creation, court representation, and advisement. However, others may offer a flat rate. In some cases, if the professional believes your case is strong, there may be a contingency rate used.

Representation Done Well

At Jayaram Law, inc, we offer many different services for those in the entertainment industry. We can provide help with trademarks, copyright, and litigation, among other things.

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