Differences between Sativa and Indica strains of cannabis

Marijuana is divided into two main species; Sativa and Indica. There are hundreds and hundreds of variations in the form of hybrids. Although there actually is a third species; Ruderalis, it has a negligible THC content and is normally used for the production of hemp; it is not commonly used for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Marijuana Sativa strains originally were found in areas near the equator, these plants are common to Columbia and Mexico as well as several African countries and are found in the Golden Triangle of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. Indica strains on the other hand come from higher altitudes; they are common to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet and Turkey.

As a result of their origins there are physical differences between the two; Sativa grows high and thin while Indica is short and stout. Sativa is often the choice made by indoor growers because of its shorter height although both fare quite well when grown indoors.

Sativa tends to smoke better after it has been aged, not unlike a fine wine. There are some marijuana Sativa strains that have been left to cure for two years and more, the effect is quite a dramatic high. Indica strains on the other hand tend to couch lock the user, a feeling which is quite conducive to simply sitting inside all day, surfing the internet aimlessly or watching old TV movies. However, funny enough, the Indica strains have the highest analgesic effect which makes them ideal for many medical purposes.

The flavors also vary; Sativa strains range from fruit like to something akin to ammonia which is commonly called “cat piss.” Indica strains can also favor fruity flavors as well as skunk.

From the growers point of view there is a significant difference. Marijuana Sativa strains can take up to 20 weeks to reach the point where it can be harvested, not so with Indica strains, they are often ready in as little as six to eight weeks.

As noted there are hundreds of hybrids, not all are on the top ten hit-parades, here are a couple of Marijuana Sativa strains that are well regarded.

Purple Haze: Rumored to have originated in Thailand, the smell is very aromatic ranging from heady incense to sandalwood; the taste is somewhat like grape on the inhale and earthy on the exhale, very similar to the smell. The effects are long lasting and the comedown is easy, good for psychedelic exploration of the mind, controls pain and bouts of depression.

Kali Mist: Rumored to be the best Sativa strain available, a top choice amongst connoisseurs. It gives an energetic high and is a favorite with women as it has a positive effect on the symptoms of PMT. The scent and taste are both sweet and spicy; medicinally it helps people with chronic fatigue, pain and multiple sclerosis.

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