Domestic Violence Lawyers in Burlington VT Can Help Clients Get Injunctions

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Lawyers

Injunctions are court orders that require a person to stop a specific behaviour. They are used in multiple ways to prevent building construction, printing of articles, and to stop domestic violence. Injunctions are primarily used to stop injustices from occurring if a specific act continues, and they are commonly used as a means of protection by domestic abuse victims and their domestic violence lawyers in Burlington VT.

What Happens When an Injunction is Not Followed?

A court order should be obeyed because it comes with the law’s full force. Therefore, when the judge hands down an injunction to stop a specific behavior, it should be obeyed immediately. Failure to follow an order can lead to contempt of court charges. There are multiple consequences of contempt charges, including community service, fines and jail time.

Obtaining an Injunction

A person wanting an injunction in a domestic violence case can go to the local courthouse and request that a behaviour be stopped. The judge will listen to both sides’ arguments before making a decision. In most cases, the person seeking the injunction must provide a bond, but a lawyer may be able to help a domestic violence victim with waiver of the bond requirement.

If the Other Party Doesn’t Agree With the Injunction

A party that does not agree with the injunction can go to court to file a cause of action. They may be able to take the appeal to higher courts, but in most instances, the injunction is legally binding unless it’s overruled. Typically, temporary injunctions are enforceable until a trial determines whether it should be made permanent.

Should a Victim Call an Attorney?

In most cases, yes. If a victim is contemplating filing an injunction against a domestic abuser, it is in their best interests to contact Jason J. Sawyer Attorney And Counselor At Law. For instance, if one is the victim of domestic violence, experienced domestic violence lawyers in Burlington VT can help the client get a permanent injunction against the abuser. Additionally, if one is unfairly put under an injunction, a lawyer can help them file a suit to stop the injunction’s enforcement.

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