Don’t Flush It! How to Avoid the Need for Aerobic Septic System Repairs in Magnolia TX

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Septic Tanks

An aerobic septic system is a smaller scale, sewage treatment system that’s very similar to traditional septic tank units. The main difference is that this type of system uses an aerobic process to aid digestion, rather than the anaerobic process that is used in most systems.

Just like any septic tank system, at some point, Aerobic Septic System Repairs in Magnolia TX are going to be needed. However, these can be avoided if users take the right preventative steps. One of the best ways to avoid the need for repairs is by avoiding flushing certain items. Some of the items that should not be flushed are listed here.


A system that serves a residential property or a nursing facility, where the occupants may consume large amounts of medication, especially chemotherapy drugs or antibiotics, may become inoperative at some point. This may occur if the antibiotic or the drug level concentration is so much that it kills the microbes present in the ATU.

Filter Clogging

In some cases, the filter may become clogged. One of the main causes of this is an issue in the solid-holding tanks located upstream. Some of the problems that could cause this include a missing or broken baffle, the use of the system beyond its actual design load, or the improper use of some type of aseptic chemical or additive that may have resulted in an increasing level of suspended solids.


If a home has hard water, then the residents may opt to install a water softener. However, the system may become inoperative if excessive levels of brine are discharged into it. Brine and water softener backwash should be discharged into a separate dry well to minimize the need for Aerobic Septic System Repairs in Magnolia TX.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by investing in an aerobic septic system. However, if you want to avoid issues and the need for repairs, it’s best to heed the information found here. If an owner of one of these tanks has other questions, they can visit the for help and answers about their system and how to keep it operating properly. You can also connect with them on Twitter.

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